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Founded in 2020 by investment expert Anthony Garibay, Garibay Ventures is a venture capital studio firm based in Austin, TX that raises capital and provides consulting services to both startups and established companies

We launch our clients and their businesses into the future by helping them multiply their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and achieve their goals. Our team has been through rigorous startups processes enabling us to bring unique and unmitigated resources to our partners

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Anthony Garibay


Anthony Garibay is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He started his entrepreneurial journey while studying at the University of Texas in Austin. After selling his own startup, he turned his attention to helping other founders. Using marketing and growth strategies, he has partnered with top brands, bringing in over $150 million in revenue for companies.

Anthony is known for his problem-solving skills. He assists startups in identifying challenges and maximizing their strengths to achieve growth. 

Aside from his work, Anthony is passionate about giving back. He supports charities that provide clean water worldwide. He has invested in over 20 startups and plans to invest in many more.

Continual learning is important to Anthony. He stays up to date with industry trends and strives to exceed client expectations. He speaks English and Spanish fluently, enabling effective communication with a diverse range of people.

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